VFX Compositing & Editing

Arena Certified Professional in VFX Compositing & Editing

  • Animation & VFX Industry to grow at CAGR of 17.3% in FY 2019 to reach Rs. 86.7 Billion
  • The Media & Entertainment (M&E) Sector will generate 7-8 Lakh jobs by 2022 to take its total employment to 1.8-2 Million (As per CII-BCG Report)
  • The Animation & VFX industry is expected to expand to Rs. 151.80 Billion by FY 23
  • Expect a 2X growth in the talent pool in this industry by 2021
About the Professional in VFX & Compositing Program

VFX has become a core component of film production cycles, with the number of films rising each year and the segment has been further disrupted by the entry of OTT players like Netflix & Amazon that are churning content continuously for the mass appetite of India

Arena Certified Professional in VFX Compositing and Editing is a program that trains students in compositing & editing part of Visual Effects. From Spiderman jumping across buildings to Bahubali fighting an entire army, everything is the magic of post-production. Compositing & editing are the two most important aspects of this process. Both together make it possible for filmmakers to bring their larger than life visions to screen. It is at this stage that different visual elements are combined together to create one scene or a complete sequence

Students get thorough understanding of techniques Adobe Photoshop, iClone, Nuke, Silhouette, 3D Equilize, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere/Final Cut Pro which are integral part of film making process.

USPs and Salient Features
  • A Focused Curriculum
  • Program tailored for Placement in the VFX Industry
  • Totally Industry relevant curriculum
  • Studio Visits & Professional Seminars interspersed in the curriculum
  • Certified Faculties
  • Learning with Augmented Books
  • 24X7 Online Varsity Support
  • Online Platform for showcasing Portfolio
  • Assisted Show Reel Development to focused Placement
  • Specialisation Bootcamp for Placement preparedness

The Course Modules

VFX Compositing & Editing Pro

Total Course Duration: 12 Months (@ 2Hours/Class – 3Classes/Week)

Job Profiles

  • Previz Artist
  • Roto Artist
  • Roto-Prep Artist
  • Paint Artist
  • Matte Paint Artist
  • Matchmove Artist
  • 3D Tracking Artist
  • Compositor
  • Video Editor
  • Color Grading Artist
  • Motion graphics Designer
Our Past Students have been Placed in these Companies
  • Digitoonz
  • Animatzione
  • Wackytoons
  • Golden Robots
  • Aespaes Communication
  • Probability Gaming
  • Trace VFX
  • MPC
  • DNeg Studios
  • Amazon
  • Technicolor
  • Prime Focus
  • Maya Digital Studios
  • Futureworks
  • Xentrix Studios
  • Red Chillies
  • Green Gold Animations
  • DQ Entertainment
  • Fireflly Creative Studios
  • Lakshya Digital
  • Assemblage Entertainment
  • SuperDNA
  • Makuta Visual Effects

And Many more



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