Digital Content Creation - Motion Design Course with Generative AI

Digital Content Creation - Motion Design Course with Generative AI in Kolkata

Harness the Growing Market of Digital Media with Arena Animation Park Street, Kolkata

As the digital media industry continues to expand globally, market statistics show a robust growth trajectory, with the digital content market expected to exceed $500 billion by 2025. This surge is driven by increasing internet penetration, mobile device usage, and a strong demand for interactive and tailored digital content across industries. In response, Arena Animation Park Street has tailored a Digital Content Creation course enhanced with Generative AI technology, designed to equip you with the skills needed to excel in this booming industry.

Master the Art of Digital Creation at Arena Animation Park Street

Embark on a transformative journey in digital media with the Digital Content Creation course at Arena Animation Park Street, enhanced by the innovative use of Generative AI technology. This program is structured to provide comprehensive and specialized training in digital design, preparing you for a successful career in various creative industries.

Why Choose Arena Animation Park Street?

  • Personalized Attention: With a maximum of 8 students per batch, receive mentorship and guidance tailored to your unique talents and interests.
  • Advanced Resources: Train with studio-level computer hardware and software, ensuring your practical skills are on par with professional standards.
  • Industry-Savvy Curriculum: Four semesters covering design & visualisation, motion design, UI design, and portfolio development to make you industry-ready.
  • Career-Oriented Outcomes: Graduates emerge as skilled professionals ready for roles in design, motion graphics, web development, and more.

Course Overview

  • Duration: Choose from tailored modules ranging from 12 to 17 months.
  • Program Structure: Divided into four semesters, this course spans foundational training to advanced applications in digital content creation, emphasizing real-world skills and industry integration.
  • Training Hours: Extensive hands-on training in a state-of-the-art studio environment.

Detailed Curriculum

  • Semester 1: Foundations of Digital Design
  • Start with core skills in graphics, typography, and digital illustration, leveraging Generative AI for creative enhancements.

  • Semester 2: Motion Design
  • Learn advanced techniques in motion graphics and audio-visual production using Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

  • Semester 3: Industry-Ready & Portfolio Development
  • Specialize in your chosen track and develop a professional portfolio showcasing your digital media capabilities.

Course Highlights

  • Generative AI Module: Incorporate Generative AI into your projects to innovate and enhance digital content creation.
  • Advanced Software Proficiency: Master industry-leading tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular, and Bootstrap.
  • Real-World Application: Engage in practical projects and industry interactions to gain valuable experience and insights.

Career Paths and Opportunities

Prepare for diverse roles such as graphic designer, motion graphic artist, UI/UX designer, and more. Our placement bootcamp - Spotlight - ensures you are interview-ready.

What You’ll Learn In Digital Content Creation?

Modules Tools
Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations -
Typography Techniques -
Vector Illustrations Adobe Illustrator CC
Digital Photo Art Adobe Photoshop CC
Design for Print and Advertising -
Digital & Interactive Publishing Adobe Indesign CC
Introduction to Generative AI (Introduction / Generating Text / Image / Music / Code) -
Digital Art Portfolio Project

Eligibility Criteria:

  • After completing 10 + 2 from any stream
  • Undergraduates and graduates can also apply

Total Course Duration: 12 Months (2 Hours/Class with 3 Classes/Week)

Career Opportunities

IndGraduates are well-prepared for roles such as Graphic Designer, Motion Designer, UI/UX Designer, and Generative AI Specialist, equipped to meet the demands of top digital content creation firms.

Visual Comm Design
Graphic Designer
Vector Illustrator
Brand Designer
Photo Editor
Typography Designer
Digital Publication Designer
Visual Designers
Audio-Video Editor
Motion Graphic Designer
Storyboard Artist
2D Animator
Production Assistant (Digital Film)
Digital Media Producer
Generative AI Artist
UI Designer
Creative Designer
Product Designer
Web Designer
UI Design Consultant
Wireframe and Prototype Designer

The Arena Animation Park Street Advantage

Expert-Led Training

  • Benefit from our faculty’s industry experience and insights into the latest trends, including Generative AI.

Practical, Project-Based Learning

  • Engage directly with real-time projects that incorporate VFX and AI, ensuring you have a professional-quality portfolio upon graduation.

Generative AI Integration

  • All our courses incorporate Generative AI to prepare you for the future and to innovate and enhance digital content creation.

Industry Exposure

  • Gain insights from studio visits and professional interactions, enhancing your industry readiness.

Robust Placement Assistance

  • Strong industry links to help secure your position in leading studios and creative firms. We have placed more than 5000 students in the past 26 years of our existence.

Focused Learning

  • Our students receive individual attention and training since each batch has a limit of 8 pupils.

Connecting Classroom to Career

We offer some of the best facilities for students at Arena Animation Park Street. We design your journey to a variety of industrial destinations when you work with us. It is more than a certification program; it is the beginning of your professional journey.

As an Arena Animation student, you'll have the opportunity to work for some of the industry's greatest brands, including:

  • Amazon
  • Technicolor
  • MPC
  • Double Negative
  • Prime Focus
  • Maya Digital Studios
  • Makuta Visual Effects
  • BYJU's
  • Xentrix Studios
  • Red Chillies
  • Green Gold Animations
  • DQ Entertainment
  • Prana Studios
  • Trace VFX
  • L&T
  • Prismart Productions
  • Biorev Studios
  • Sparrow Interactive
  • Assemblage Entertainment
  • 88 Pictures
  • Resonance Digital
  • Golden Robots
  • Exigent3D
  • Innovative Animation
  • Rockstar
  • Adnet Global
  • Firefly Creative Studio
  • GeoShot Technologies
  • SuperDNA
  • Transpixel Studios

And Many more



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