Arena Certified Professional in Animation & VFX

The Animation & VFX Industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of over 9% during the forecast period of 2021 to 2026. The Media & Entertainment (M&E) Sector is also reported to generate 7-8 Lakh jobs by 2022 to take its total employment to 1.8-2 Million (As per CII-BCG Report). The Animation & VFX industry is expected to expand to Rs. 151.80 Billion by FY 23. Growth in International animation films, especially 3D productions and the subsequent work for Indian production houses will help growth in this segment. Expect a 2X growth in the talent pool in this industry by 2021

If you are seeking creative jobs in the animation, advertising or multimedia field, you must consider the VFX and Animation Course in Kolkata. This dual course of VFX and 3D Animation Course in Kolkata will enable you to express your creativity through animation, graphics and other visual tools. It also offers great job opportunities in different fields of entertainment and technology.

VFX Film Making

A Dual Domain Program in Animation & VFX

Arena Certified Professional in Animation & VFX is a dual-domain program that trains students end-to-end in all aspects of Animation & visual effects to make them job-ready professionals.

The programme covers various aspects of animation, visual effects, graphics designing, cartoons, games, etc. The candidates learn to apply different tools and methods to create animated visuals and high-quality graphics for games, movies, television shows and extra. These courses are also required in the technical field to design graphics for websites.

It gives a thorough grounding in all the fundamentals & techniques of VFX, Animation -2D and 3D, typography, digital filmmaking, FX, Dynamics & simulation and also train on the latest technologies and tools used in the Animation and Visual Effects industry.

USPs and Salient Features

  • A Dual Domain Program
  • Program tailored for Placement in the Animation-VFX Industry
  • Totally Industry relevant curriculum
  • Studio Visits & Professional Seminars interspersed in the curriculum
  • Certified Faculties
  • Learning with Augmented Books
  • 24X7 Online Varsity Support
  • Online Platform for showcasing Portfolio
  • Assisted Show Reel Development to focused Placement
  • Specialisation Bootcamp for Placement preparedness

Why Arena Animation Park Street, Kolkata?

With 24 years of expertise and 6000+ students enrolled, Arena is one of the best Animation Institute in Kolkata, where we have helped students pursue animation courses after 12th and college. It is MESC certified that leaves each individual with a certified degree once they have completed the course. Arena Animation Training Institute in Kolkata leverages the latest technology and knowledge of the best practices in the field, helping you secure your career in animation.

Whether you are a student or a working professional, we enable you to pursue the course at a flexible schedule. You can learn animation and VFX on the side and upskill yourself as the course progresses. We charge a standard fee and indulge you in various workshops as and when available.

The Course Modules

Modules Tools
Digital Design -
Concepts of Design & Composition Adobe Photoshop
Lights, Colour & Perspectives Adobe Animate CC
Concepts of Cinematography & Photography Stop Motion Pro
Application of 2D Animation Principles Adobe Premier Pro
Anatomy – Clay Modelling Final Draft
Character Designing Storyboarder
Audio – Video Editing -
Storytelling & Script writing -
Storyboarding & Animatics -
Pre-Production Design Portfolio -

Semester Duration: 9 Months (@ 2Hours/Class - 3Classes/Week)

Total Course Duration: 27 Months (@ 2Hours/Class – 3Classes/Week)

Job Profiles

  • Pre-Production Artist
  • Character Designer
  • 2D Digital Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Animatics Artist
  • 3D Asset Modeler
  • 3D Modeler
  • Texturing Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Rigging Artist
  • 3D Generalist
  • 3D Animator
  • FX Artist
  • Photogrammetry Artist
  • Motion Graphic Designer
  • CG Compositor
  • Previz Artist
  • Roto Artist
  • Roto-Prep Artist
  • Paint Artist
  • Matte Paint Artist
  • Matchmove Artist
  • 3D Tracking Artist
  • Compositor
Our Past Students have been Placed in these Companies
  • Probability Gaming
  • Digitoonz
  • Animatzione
  • Wackytoons
  • Golden Robots
  • Aespaes Communication
  • Trace VFX
  • MPC
  • DNeg Studios
  • Fireflly Creative Studios
  • Lakshya Digital
  • Amazon
  • Technicolor
  • Prime Focus
  • Maya Digital Studios
  • Futureworks
  • Xentrix Studios
  • Red Chillies
  • Green Gold Animations
  • DQ Entertainment
  • Assemblage Entertainment
  • SuperDNA

And Many more



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