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Best Game Design Course

Gaming AR-VR Prime is a comprehensive program that focuses on a combination of design and immersive media. Presently, it is one of the best AR-VR design courses in India.

Students will learn mobile and video game art and design, as well as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. They'll be exposed to a mix of industry-standard processes and artistic ways that are completely in line with The Metaverse.

With the AR-VR design program you will:

  • Learn new skills to broaden your job choices in the gaming industry.
  • Increase the number of job alternatives available to you.

The Rise of The Indian Gaming Industry

  • According to KPMG research, India has roughly 190 million gamers in 2021.
  • India has the highest potential market for gaming because 75% of the population is under 45 years.
  • India has over 560 million internet users, making it the world's second-largest online market and by 2023, this number will have risen to 650 million users.
  • THE COVID EFFECT - As expected, there has been an increase in online gaming traffic as a result of COVID-19.

Gaming Industry


India Is On Track To Become One Of The World's Leading Gaming Markets, With the expansion fueled by:

  • Rising Younger Population
  • Higher Disposable Incomes
  • Introduction Of New Gaming Genres
  • The Increasing Number of Smartphone And Tablet Users

Advantages Of The Gaming Industry In India:-

  • World's Largest Youth Population.
  • World's Second Largest Internet Population.
  • Availability Of Creative Talent.
  • Huge Skills Base Across IT, Testing and Arts.
  • World-class Infrastructure and Advanced Technology.
  • Presence Of Big Development Centers Like Microsoft, Nvidia, UbiSoft, Zynga, Electronic Arts, Disney, Playdom, Sony, Etc.

Job Opportunities

  • The number of people employed in the gaming sector is estimated to reach 40000.
  • There are around 400 gaming companies in India.
  • The Gaming Industry - Increased expertise is required for game design and game engineering, and newbies can expect to earn roughly 4.5 lakh per year.

Job Roles In The Gaming Industry

  • Game Design
  • Game Art
  • Animation
  • Game Programming
  • Game Production
  • Quality Assurance
  • Content
  • Management

The Course Modules

Gaming-AR-VR Prime

Total Term Duration: 5 Months (@ 2Hours/Class – 3Classes/Week)

Total Term Duration: 8 Months (@ 2Hours/Class – 3Classes/Week)

Total Term Duration: 14 Months (@ 2Hours/Class – 3Classes/Week)

Total Term Duration: 4 Months (@ 2Hours/Class – 3Classes/Week)

Total Term Duration: 4 Months (@ 2Hours/Class – 3Classes/Week)

Total Course Duration: 36 Months (@ 2Hours/Class – 3Classes/Week)

Job Profiles

  • Game Designers
  • Level Designers
  • Technical Artists / 3D Asset Integration Artists
  • 3D Asset Artists
  • Texture Artist
  • Game Animators
  • Game UI|UX Designer
  • Game Character Artists
  • Game Concept Artists
  • Digital Content Creators
  • Metaverse Creators
  • AR Content Creator
  • VR Artist
  • VR Developer
  • World Building Artist
  • Environment Artist
  • 3D Generalist
  • Virtual Fashion Artist

Our Past Students have been Placed in these Companies

  • Dhruva Interactive
  • digiKhel
  • Games2win
  • 2Pi Interactive
  • 99 Games
  • Zapak
  • Zebu Games
  • Yellow Monkey studios
  • Synqua Games
  • Rebel Fiction
  • Electronic Arts (EA)
  • Digital Chocolate
  • Zynga
  • Games2Win
  • Hastag
  • iEnergizer
  • Ozura
  • Rolocule
  • Octane Tech

And Many more



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