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Arena’s Graphics, Web Design & Development program has established itself as the industrystandard course in the field of Graphic Design, Web Design & Web Development. It is a program withalmost 100% placement record.

The program comprehensively covers all the aspects of Graphic Designing, and goes on to cover Web Design & Development which makes a complete Web Professional out of its takers. It also has the option to cover just Graphic Designing or just Web Designing & Development.

The student gains a thorough knowledge of Graphic Designing, as a foundation, goes on to learn the nuances of Web Design & Development covering all the latest tools & techniques to become absolutely job ready. At Arena Animation – Park Street, it is one of the most popular courses and students come to Arena Park Street looking for our mentors to teach this course.

Course Highlight

  • A Comprehensive Job Oriented Program.
  • Industry Relevant Curriculum.
  • Hands on Training using the latest tools & techniques.
  • Laddered learning from basics to advanced.
  • Specialisation by creating Portfolio of relevant works.
  • Re-enforcement of learning through

    • Projects at regular intervals.
    • Tests & Assignments after every module.
  • Peppered with Master Classes and Industry Interactions.



Enter the exciting world of Graphic Designing by learning from fundamentals to advanced techniques of visualisation & creation of Vector based artwork and go on to Image manipulation and composition of the two aspects for creating stunning Graphical Artworks.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Graphics & various dimensions of drawings.
  • Understand how a good Web Design in conceived and created.
  • Use Typography and understand its proper implementation.
  • Learn to create Vector Artworks.
  • Design & Create UI (User Interface) elements.
  • Step ahead to learn Raster Imaging or Image Manipulation for creating Artwork for advertising or Web Page.
  • Learn to create 2D-Interactive Elements for the Web.
  • Project on Making a Design Portfolio.

152 Hours or 6 Months (if classes are held 3 Days/Week).

Software(s) covered

Coreldraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate CC.