Placement process
Placements at Arena Animation Park Street

Placements are in integral part of learning at Arena Animation Park Street. The process of placements kick in as soon as you enrol for any of our career programs. It is a complex and ongoing process which continues even after you are placed. The above chart shows graphically how we hold your hand during your entire journey and eventually lead you to your coveted job.

Unique Features of Placements at Arena Animation – Park Street
Enhanced Employement Oriented Training (EEOT)
Skill Development Initiative (SDI)
Modular Employable Skills (MES)

The Holistic Training Approach followed by us is unique in the industry and our training methodology is based on project & assignment based case studies, which prepares you for the industry and the real world.

The Placement Process:

The day you enrol at Arena Park Street, your placement process kicks in.

Academic Performance:

We not only help you improve academically but also monitor your progress. Unlike other centres, we ensure that your course is completed on time and seamlessly.


With our Enhanced Employment-Oriented Training, we guarantee that you gain comprehensive and current technical skills required to achieve your career target.


What sets APS apart is the chance to get hands-on experience. By offering you the opportunity to work on live projects, we give your portfolio a competitive edge.

Expert Industry Mentors:

Our monthly workshops by industry experts help you gain knowledge that remains out of scope for others. Moreover, the industry mentors judge your show-reels and deliver indispensable feedback.


From what to wear and how to act, we give you the soft skills essential to become industry-ready and crack the interview.


From helping you create an attention-grabbing resume and creative portfolio to coaching you on frequently-asked interview questions, APS leaves no stone unturned to get you ready.


We make certain you give as many interviews as possible. To that end, we not only partner with companies but also schedule campus placements.

Our ethos is to facilitate you every step of the way. It is why we even celebrate your win. Once you are placed, we cheer your success and applaud your hard work.



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