Maitraya Adhikary

3D Art Director Bates CHI & Partner, Kolkata

"As a student in Arena Park Street, I had participated in a lot of competitions. One of my short films got selected at an international film festival. Through these competitions, I realized that you should always take a practical approach to learning. It will definitely help you have better vision, whether you animate with software or tell a story."

( ex-student of Arena - Park Street )

Ayan Acharyya

Lighting & Precomp Artist at Paaprikaas, Bangalore

"Apart from academics, even the experience of studying at Arena was pretty good. I enjoyed the highly creative and disciplined environment there. My Centre at Kolkata's Park Street regularly hosted various types of competitions, seminars and special 'Master classes' - all of which helped me become what I am today."

( ex-student of Arena - Park Street )


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Lead the Global Animation & Multimedia Boom

Animation & Multimedia is a Global Industry!

It not only encompasses the Media & Entertainment industry - which comprises primarily of Films, Television, Music, Internet, Gaming, Advertising & Print - but also other sectors such as Infrastructure (Construction, Architecture & Interiors), Scientific & Medical Animation, Education, Toys, Performing Arts & more.

The Animation & VFx industry in India is estimated to grow to ` 7340 Crore!*

( * FICCI, KPMG Report 2013, Projections for 2017 )


Films & Television

The magnificent success of popular films, where children learn witchcraft and travel on broomsticks, proves that nothing is impossible with Animation & Visual Effects (VFx)



Companies across the world have begun using Visual Effects in their advertisements. Create award winning TVCs using VFx



Animation & Visual Effects enable game developers to make wingless birds fly or orchestrate brutal combats! Create these exciting games!


Digital Media

There is an entire virtual world that exists online. This parallel dimension needs animators and VFx artists to bring alive Web Pages, Sites, Music Videos, Flash content etc.

The Animation & VFX industry is expected to grow at 18.5% to reach 55.9 billion rupees by 2015. VFX & Post-production services, meanwhile, are expected to grow at 24% and 19% respectively*.

This burgeoning industry needs skilled professionals to sustain the projected growth trajectory and Arena's various programs prepare you for these lucrative opportunities in Animation, Multimedia, VFx & Graphics & Web Design & Development.

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