The money that you spend for the program is not a cost and should be treated as an investment in your future. We have many investment options which varies depending upon the course and the plan chosen.

One can pay the entire amount in advance or opt for convenient installment schemes (there is one to match everyone's need).

The exact investment can be calculated once you decide on the course.

Our experienced counselors will guide you to select the best investment option.

Education loans are available from many nationalised banks in India and we can facilitate and guide you in obtaining one.

We also offer payment option in instalment which generally makes loans redundant and unnecessary.

All books and study material will be provided by us and is issued to bonafide students free of cost

With the advent of our Online Varsity you get a 24X7 platform to access your e-books, chat with experts, browse resources and get expert advice on various matters of academics & Upgradation path.

We also offer library facilities which is stocked with large number of books, periodicals, films and DVDs for your reference and use.

Arena Park Street has won the Best Placements in India award from Aptech for the year 2013-14

This is ample testimony to the fact that most of our students get placed in jobs of their liking.

Our Placement Cell constantly works towards organizing Interviews with Companies, Organising Campus Placement Drives and helping you develop your CV, Prepares you for Interviews, Keeps track of your progress in the job and even helps you in upgrading your job at a later date.

Do vist us to get a free copy of our Placement Guide Booklet

The starting salary is directly proportional to the skill set you have acquired and varies from person to person and company to company.

Our past students have got placed at a salary range from Rs. 5,000/- p.m. to Rs. 35,000/- p.m.

The mean salary for students placed in 2013 was Rs. 8500/- p.m. at starting levels. Arena Park Street was awarded for placing the highest number of students amongst all Arena Centres in India in 2013-14

Aptech is not an University and our courses are not required to be recognised by UGC or AICTE

The B.Sc. program is UGC recognised.

In the animation industry the skill set of the candidate is the single most important criteria in determining selection.

Your animation program with us is likely to be buzzing with activities throughout the year

  • Activities
    HAT-Trick series of seminars
    Annual Exhibition of students' work - Drishti
    Annual Awards - Arena Idol
    Sand Animation workshop
    Clay animation workshop
    Paper and other stop motion workshops
    Workshops by visiting faculties from other eminent institutions like NID

  • Non Academic Activities
    Annual Picnic
    Personality Development Classes
    Spoken English classes
    Field study trip

All students can join the personality development and spoken english classes if they so desire.

These classes are conducted regularly by visiting faculties and are organised by our Placement Cell on an ongoing basis.

Our Academic head is empowered to arrange extra classes at no extra cost for those who need them in any topic or tool for any reason whatsoever.

Ample extra computer time for practice is available for students to book and utilise.

Our faculties are always available online and offline to help and assist the students should the need arises.

In addition our online forums and blogs and always available for posting your queries and getting them answered by an expert.

You can find us on http://www.facebook.com/arenaparkstreet

It is like asking are the fingers alike on your hand?

Although, Aptech provides guidelines for recruitment, the ultimate selection is done by the centres based on their own assessment and requirements.

Our internal assessment systems are the best in the country which is testified by the large number of academic awards thay we have won consistently over so many years.

Although we cannot comment on the ability and quality of faculties all over Arena, our faculties are:

  • Recruited after rigorous testing and assessment.
  • Are required to have some industry experience
  • Undergo a comprehensive training program and are regularly assessed for performance by an external body
  • Are required to constantly upgrade their skills through continuous self development and organised trainings

All Arena Centres in India are owned by franchisees and there is no Main Centre of Arena.

Some centres are likely to mislead you into believing that they are the "Main Center" or the "Biggest Center" or the "Head Office" in order to attract your business.

You should beware of such centres and take an informed decision about your future.


Maitraya Adhikary

3D Art Director Bates CHI & Partner, Kolkata

"As a student in Arena Park Street, I had participated in a lot of competitions. One of my short films got selected at an international film festival. Through these competitions, I realized that you should always take a practical approach to learning. It will definitely help you have better vision, whether you animate with software or tell a story."

( ex-student of Arena - Park Street )

Ayan Acharyya

Lighting & Precomp Artist at Paaprikaas, Bangalore

"Apart from academics, even the experience of studying at Arena was pretty good. I enjoyed the highly creative and disciplined environment there. My Centre at Kolkata's Park Street regularly hosted various types of competitions, seminars and special 'Master classes' - all of which helped me become what I am today."

( ex-student of Arena - Park Street )