6 Tips to find the Best Animation & VFX College

Are you a Pubg fan? Or the Godzilla movie fascinated you enough! Why not pick something from our very own Indian film industry, like Robot or Makhi? Animation and Visual Effects have brought our fantasy world to almost a reality.

The majority of the media and entertainment industry nowadays is influenced by Animation and VFX. Many renowned blockbuster movies, Netflix shows, and games are somewhat or entirely the result of high-quality animation and visual effects. It is evident the animation industry is booming.

Ever-growing Scope of Animation & VFX

The use of this cutting-edge technology is beyond the entertainment and media industry today. Animation is equally creating a wave in the digital marketing and other tech-enabled business sectors. Companies are using this technology for various tasks, like banner designing, website designing, video marketing, ad campaigns, and much more.

This popularity and scope in animation and VFX further indicate that the demand for animation skills are increasing too. Hence, the field is attracting several aspirants who want to master this extraordinary skill. Many are dreaming of kick starting their career in it.

So, how can you shape your career in animation and VFX? Your journey to pursue a career in this domain begins by enrolling in a standout animation institute. Follow our detailed guide to choosing the right animation institute in Kolkata.

Animation Course Content

Your topmost priority should always be checking out the course content of the animation college in Kolkata you are considering for admission. This way, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of the components and skills you will be taught there.

The curriculum must incorporate basic and latest theoretical and practical education, such as character sketching, character rigging, storyboard writing, visual effects, lighting, modelling, and others. Further, check in the course manual if the institute will facilitate its students with live illustrations and tasks.

Quality of Faculty

Will you be comfortable with getting trained through newly learnt animation instructors who are inexperienced? Teaching and evaluation methods tell about the quality of education of that college, which depends on the faculty.

Teaching is a talent that not everybody can perform proficiently. Make sure you consider those animation institutes that provide training through instructors holding years of experience. These veteran professors can offer valuable, real-world context to the pupil during the training session that non-professional can’t. Good educators will even keep themselves updated about the latest advancements in the field.

Besides, find out whether live presentation classes will be given under production supervisory. Will the faculty help students sharpen their skills, or will they leave practical learning session entirely on students?

Usually, a college’s reputation speaks a volume about the quality of its faculty. Yet it isn’t enough. You have to research more. Investing in a course is a lifetime investment on which your future relies. Hence, consider enquiring about the college faculty from old and new alumni to help you make the right decision.

Placement Facilities

The next vital step for any aspirant is knowing the placement opportunities offered by the chosen animation and VFX Institute. Placements play a massive role in setting a career. Similarly, it is the case with animation professionals.

You are not doing the course just for fun, but to begin your career in it. Don’t forget to research job opportunities provided by your desired colleges in the final semester of the program. If yes, further check what the domain of those companies is? Some of you may be interested in game designing, while others in digital marketing or movies. Hence, it will help you secure a job in your desired sector.

College Infrastructure

You will be spending a lot of hours in your college to get hands-on experience in animation and visual effects. Until you don’t hone your skills, you can’t make it big in this profession. Hence, checking college infrastructure is another factor that you must not neglect.

Firstly, check if the basic tools are accessible in the institute to master animation skills from scratch. Since the technology is proliferating, ensure that the college is leveraging all the advanced techniques, software, and hardware to provide up-to-date training.


It is another essential aspect you must consider in order to select an apt Animation and VFX Institute in Kolkata. Avoid an institute providing a short term (i.e. 3 to 6-months) animation and VFX course. It is not worth it as the animation industry demands highly skilled professionals.

Rather, full-time graduation with a comprehensive quality curriculum is an optimum choice. Full-time degrees indicate that the Animation Institute in Kolkata meets the industry standards.

Learning Material

The learning material of an institute should consist of all the latest subjects and elements updated as per the present industry scenario. The course material of an excellent animation college in Kolkata will bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical applications.

Moreover, their course material must be structured in such a way that students find it easy to understand, learn, and remember.

Bottom Line…

Animation and VFX is a multi-billion dollar industry today. They play a crucial role in the production of movies, ads, and video games. Eventually, creating unprecedented employment scope across varied job profiles – from creative experts to technology-based roles.

Organizations are looking for skilled, innovative, and creative problem solvers who know and can manage their primary job responsibilities. Hence, appropriate education and training are the foundation to build a successful career in the animation domain.

Stay away from the animation and VFX colleges who are trying to lure you through fascinating advertising. Institutes overly promoting themselves as “unique,” “No. 1,” and “top-rated” is an illusion to rope in uninformed students. These are red flags. Do not forget to do thorough research as stated above for selecting a reliable college.

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