9 Awesome Career Opportunities in Animation and VFX Industry

As excited as you are to kickstart your career, it is probably the scariest thing in your life, knowing that you could be making a major decision that would be with you for a long time. Considering the fear and anxiety one goes through; it is only natural that as a result, one gets lost in this maze of questions. What are the best-suited career options for me? What subject or field should I major in further to have a prosperous career? What are the top institutes for the same?

If your interest lies somewhere between the world of arts and creativity, and the field of digital electronics, then maybe there is a place for you in the fascinating world of special effects animation and VFX. Animation and VFX is a part of the entertainment industry that spans digital art, music, movies, video games, television, commercials, etc. One can make a career in animation and VFX by being involved in animated shorts/feature films, animated series/sitcoms, 3D modelling and movies, and commercial production (TVC’s). Before we discuss the career opportunities in VFX and Animation, let’s discuss briefly all about this industry.

The Animation & VFX Industry

Based on the latest statistics, the Animation and VFX Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 9% from 2021 to 2026. The Animation and VFX industry in India is booming and how! With the advent of massive foreign projects landing on the Indian shores or outsourcing their animation projects to India, there is no looking back for this industry.

One such example is Method Studios that have worked on all the celebrated Marvel movies like Infinity War and Black Panther. Not just Method Studies, Digital Domain – boasting of the renowned film director James Cameron as one of its co-founders – have opened their fifth establishment in India. Digital Domain is known for its hits like Deadpool, Beauty and the Beast, and X-Men Apocalypse. No wonder, there are rewarding options for a career in Animation and VFX in India.

Essential skills required for a career in animation

Here’s the list of skill sets required for a budding career in animation and VFX:

  • Creativity and imagination, the more the better
  • Eye for detail
  • Sketching skills
  • Patience during the creation process
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Verbal communication and presentation skills

Career Opportunities in Animation & VFX after Standard XII

If you feel that your calling is in visual arts, you can take up a relevant course to pursue a career in animation and VFX in India and abroad. There are several institutes that offer such courses, both short term and long term diplomas and certifications across the country, especially in the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. Full-time and part-time courses are also available. The entrance examination and eligibility criteria for such courses usually vary among institutes. You can pursue courses like bachelors, masters, diploma, or certificate, as per your goals and future career plans.

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Animation and VFX Salary in India also varies on the job role you decide to pursue.

Jobs in Animation & VFX industry

There is a wide range of job roles that you can take up after studying animation and VFX. Let’s check out some of the most popular career opportunities in VFX and animation.

  1. 2D Animation Artist
    2D artists give wings to their creative thoughts through the usage of animation software and tools like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash. The process kicks off with sketching the creative idea on paper, which is then reproduced on the computer screen with animation tools. Such artists closely work with editors and art directors while creating an animation film or scene. 
  2. 3D Animation Artist
    3D animation artists take 2D visual effects a step further by breathing life into their creations. They bring animated visuals to life in movies and games through 3D animation software and computer illustrations. Such artists are much in demand in the ever-growing media and entertainment industry.
  3. 3D Modeller
    This is one of the most sought roles in the animation industry. They work on rendered models and scenes right from scratch. With creativity and ample technical knowledge, the career scope for 3D modellers is not just restricted to the media and entertainment industry. You can also work in industries like education, science, and medicine.
  4. Character Animation Artist
    Character Animation Artists breathe life into animated characters. They use these characters to tell a story for animation films, computer games and mobile applications. The characters are brought to life through 2D activities, 3D displays, puppetry, and liveliness programming.
  5. Layout Artist
    A Layout Artist plays an important role in the pre-visualisation and pre-production process. If you become a Layout Artist, you will be expected to visualise how you want the visuals to ultimately look like. You will have to interpret the script and work on templates on how to reproduce the script onto the visual medium. Deciding on the appearance and composition of every scene, camera angles and so much more will be a part of your purview.
  6. Compositing Artist
    The Compositing Artist, responsible for giving a go-ahead to the final product, is an integral part of the production process. If you become a Compositing Artist, you will be required to closely collaborate with lighting and surface executives, VFX teams to ensure that the final animated visual or film is devoid of errors.
  7. Finishing Artist
    If you are more of a technical person, this career opportunity in animation is cut out just for you. A Finishing Artist works closely with graphic designers, art directors, image banks, and clients as a part of the process for creating the end product. You can contribute your technical knowledge to make a difference in the animated visuals.
  8. Flash Animator
    Flash Animators are one of the most in-demand professionals today as animations are used in a wide range of applications and creative mediums. Be it for entertainment purposes, for advertisements, to narrate stories – animation is there to give life to characters and add action to stories. Flash Animators are also adept at creating videos, websites, e-learning objects, and video games. The role requires visual communication and structure for creating skilled 2D and 3D artwork.
  9. Lighting Artist
    Lighting is an integral part of any film production, be it a live-action or an animated one. It sets the tone for every scene by interacting with real-life objects and creates continuity between the scenes. As a Lighting Artist, you will be expected to have an innate sense of understanding of how light behaves as a part of the storytelling process. This is because just the right amount of light is needed to breathe life into every scene.


Now that you know that the animation and the VFX field is one of the emerging professions in India and many people are getting attracted towards it because of its amazing job opportunities, growth, and compensation. What are you waiting for? Earn what you deserve by doing what you love. Animation and VFX salary in India varies on the job role you decide to pursue. Still in a conundrum regarding which course to take and what skills to hone? Talk to us to know more about the course or animation and VFX career-related queries.