Is Graphic Design a Good Field To Enter After Class 12th In India?

Class 12th is the most vulnerable stage for every student. It is a phase where the student starts planning and preparing for their future. The road to a successful career is different for everyone. At present, one of the most in-demand career options in India is graphic designing. Students who complete class 12th in any discipline can opt for job-oriented graphic designing courses.

Pursuing a graphic designing course after class 12th provides a huge list of possible career opportunities. A graphic design course imparts training in software and tools being used for graphic designing and enhances the artistic talent of the person as well.

As a graphic designer, you have to learn designing software to create visual concepts to communicate your ideas that communicate about the product and attract customers. In today’s trends, there are both online and offline business marketing strategies. Some will require just layouts for print publication while others might need banners for websites.

Step By Step Guide to Pursue Graphic Design After Class 12th

Every student has a unique journey after class 12th. It depends on the choices you make that determine the end result. Most of the design-oriented graduation programmes welcome students only from class 12th Science background. However, there are many graphic designing institutions that offer short term as well as diploma certification courses on graphic designing, where students from any discipline can join the course.

These courses will expose you to printing, publishing, electronic media, audio-visual media, as well as film and animation. Apart from theory, hands-on experience in all aspects of media would be given as part of the course.

Step 1: Know Yourself

Like already said, class 12th is the most vulnerable stage of any student, it is important for you to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses before moving forward with a career in graphic design after class 12th.

Step 2: Explore Wisely

You will get plenty of information regarding graphic designing training institutions available online and offline. You need to carefully filter the available information and decide the suitable course and institute. With MESC certification, Arena Animation is the leader in the Animation, VFX, Gaming, Web & Graphics Design training space. We are one of the best Graphic Design Training Institutes in Kolkata, which uses a fully equipped, latest computer software to train the students.

Step 3: Check the Eligibility

Almost all the graphic design colleges accept students after completing class 12th in the science background, it is still advisable to go through the minimum eligibility criteria course-wise as well as college wise.

However, if you are looking for graphic design training in Kolkata, then this article is for you. Arena animation Park street provides the most comprehensive course in graphic designing. This institution offers many courses on graphic designing like Graphic & Web Design Development, Print & Publication Graphic Design, Visual Content Development, Motion Graphic Design and Short term courses for students and working professionals.

Skills Required To Be A Graphic Designer After Class 12th

As a professional graphic designer, you must have the ability to analyse the clients’ requirement and analyse the subject to create a stunning, attractive and compelling graphic design. Many graphic designers initially create a rough sketch on the papers before starting to work and finalising it on the computer. Well, not just sketching, there are a handful of skills a graphic designer needs to master to be a professional designer. Here are a few:

  • Creative Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • IT Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Time- Management
  • Eye to Details
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop etc.

How Much Salary You Get As A Graphic Designer?

As a graphic designer, you can earn from Rs.15,000 to Rs.30,000, at the initial stage of your career. And after having due experience in the field, the pay scale will increase accordingly.

Employment Industry For Graphic Designers

There are various career opportunities for Graphic Designer in different sectors. Some of the top industries that require a Graphic Designer are listed below:

  • Web designing
  • Design studios
  • Publishing houses
  • Printing and Publishing
  • Commercial packaging
  • MNCs
  • Corporate businesses
  • Television industry
  • Film company
  • AD Agencies
  • Multimedia companies
  • Marketing firms
  • Training Institutions

Top Recruiting Companies for Graphic Designer

  • Wipro technologies
  • SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd
  • General Motors Design
  • Edge Studio, New Delhi
  • Design Factory India
  • Fisheye, New Delhi
  • Cogwheel Studios
  • Think Design, Hyderabad
  • Eastern Silk Industries Ltd
  • Moonraft Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd
  • Mangoblossom Design, Mumbai

Graphic Design Career Opportunities After Class 12th

Graphic design influences how we perceive the world using photographs, typography, colour combination and illustrations. There are many jobs within the graphic design field to choose from each requiring its own set of special skills. Careers with design can range from a multimedia designer, sports graphic designers, website design to an art director. Here are the top graphic designing career opportunities after class 12th.

  1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for developing attractive and appealing graphics. The success of a graphic designer relies on the use of graphics, typography, photographs and colours. Graphic designers research and analyse their intended audience to gain a greater understanding of the requirements of their job. Graphic designer jobs can be found in career fields such as web development company, IT sector, news and broadcast, print and publication and many more.

  1. Creative Director

A creative director is a manager of an advertising, graphic design or brand marketing company who helps visually define the spirit of a brand and oversees the day-to-day operation of the department. Also referred to as a Design Director, their duties include planning company advertisements, monitoring brand campaigns, revising presentations, and shaping brand standards.

As the head of an agency, he or she makes all critical decisions in how to handle both internal and external business operations. These skills are necessary for managing clients while also focusing on future growth opportunities within an organization.

  1. UX & UI Designer

UX & UI design can be considered one of the most important aspects of web and mobile development. Nowadays, it’s very rare to find a website or mobile app that doesn’t integrate these crucial components. And with the increased use of online and mobile technologies, individuals and organizations who aren’t incorporating a strong UX & UI design into their operations are risking having their content, product, or service overlooked by potential customers.

UX (User Experience) designers optimise web-based applications to improve ease of use and create the best experience by systematic research of their users by using the information to create sitemaps, wireframes, user journey maps and prototypes. It is said that UX design is about managing complexity. Whether creating or updating a website, mobile application or software, UX designers can improve your product by simplifying and optimising your user journey.

  1. Art Director

Art directors are responsible for the visual style in a newspaper, magazines, product packaging, movies and television productions. An art director’s job requires artistic talent, a knowledge of the consumer audience and a keen business sense. Because an art director is responsible for marketing through visual communication, they must be adept at creative design. Many art directors are proficient in graphic design or computer animation.

  1. Freelancer

Designers who have some experience and a stunning portfolio of work or expertise in niche areas of design, marketing and graphics could build a career finding freelance projects. But freelancing is also excellent as a side-gig that can bring in some extra cash and boost your expertise.

With so many career opportunities available, you must pursue a Graphic Design course after Class 12th. Talk to us in case you need assistance. Arena Animation Park Street is one of the more popular graphic designing institutes in Kolkata. With 24+ years of expertise in animation, design, VFX, and motion graphics, we are proud to be the pioneer in animation and graphic designing certification courses.