Best Graphic Designing Course and Classes with Certificate

With the inexorable growth of industries across the globe, communication plays a pivotal role in enhancing the interaction and relationship between a company and its consumers. Graphic design has been in existence for centuries making it one of the most ancient yet comprehensive & evolved art forms for conveying a specific message or idea across different domains and platforms.

Graphic designing certificate courses provide the student with an in-depth understanding of different graphic design fields. These courses help a student to develop skills and techniques for creating professional and effective logos, brochures, presentations, marketing materials etc. Best Graphic design certification courses and classes or certificate programme in graphic design will help you demonstrate your visual skills and further your career. No matter how experienced you are, if you want to improve your graphic designing skills or looking forward to becoming a professional in this field, then this blog post is for you.

Here are fantastic graphic design courses and classes with certifications that will help you learn new skills or refresh your knowledge to be a professional graphic designer and kickstart your career.

Scope of Graphic Designing in India

The works of graphic designers can be found everywhere, in the websites you visit, the advertisements you see, the packaging and logos of the products you buy, the games you play, in fact even in the movies you watch. Graphic design is described as the process of visual communication, combining words, photographs and ideas to present the information to the audience. In this digital era, graphic designing has already become a crucial part of every aspect of communication. It is impossible to imagine a company or a brand without using graphic design to communicate with their audiences.

If you want to join the graphic designing course or classes in Kolkata or get a  graphic design certificate programme in Kolkata, then Arena Animation Park Street is one of the best training institutions you get. Arena Animation provides a variety of certificate programmes in this domain. With over 24 years of experience, this training institution has helped more than 6000 students to achieve a successful career in graphic designing. It is a MESC certified institute that leverages the latest technology and knowledge of the best practices in the field, helping you secure your career in graphic designing.

Graphic Design Courses and Certifications

Graphic Design skills translate to a wide range of projects and fields. Arena Animation offers a variety of courses including Animation and VFX, Animation Film Design, VFX PRIME, VFX Composition and Editing, Graphic Web Design and Development, Motion Graphic Design,  3D Digital Game Art and Short term courses for students and working professionals who wish to brush up their skills. Here, we have listed out the best graphic designing courses with certificates for beginners and experts. These certificate courses cover all concepts like Graphic Design Fundamentals, animation, VFX, InDesign, Photoshop, Web and Graphics Designing and more.

1.     Graphic Design & Print Production

A great print design is a combination of technical precision and visual appeal. This course introduces students to step-by-step production procedures to prepare the artwork, right from job planning, understanding typography and its importance, scope and applications, learn image editing and retouching, design and publish page layouts for magazines and brochures etc.

This course will introduce you to several designing terminologies and basic principles which are a must before using any design software application. Working with an expert instructor, you’ll learn to choose papers, modify your materials and processes based on a budget, use Adobe InDesign and other illustrating tools to prepare designs for print, and create digital artworks.

2.     Short Term Graphic Design Courses

The short term graphic design courses are specifically designed for students and working professionals who wish to master their skills in various software like animation, multimedia, gaming, web designing and more.

This course will sharpen your skills by learning the latest tools and in-demand software. If you are an amateur designer and looking to learn a specific designing software along with your studies or a work professional, then it is the best course to broaden your skills.

The highlight of this course is to provide an industry level curriculum, additional practice sessions, and work with high-end studio infrastructure. This is best suited for working professionals or students as they can upskill themselves without compromising their regular job or study.

3.     Graphics Web Design & Development

When it comes to web design and development, there’s no doubt graphic designers have a lot to contribute. Everything from interactive online applications to mobile apps that display information on-screen requires presentation graphics. Thus, the skill-set of web graphic designers and web designers has grown increasingly blurred in recent years; if anything it has become more of a gradient than a concrete distinction.

This comprehensive programme will help you learn all aspects of graphic designing, web designing and development. You will be able to learn in-demand new media creative skills and techniques for rich multimedia content, visually appealing websites, logos for advertisements, concepts of digital graphics, image editing for print & publishing, UI/UX, SEO, Content Management etc.

Graphic design is an essential part of the web development process. It consists of a wide range of disciplines and strategies that work to achieve business goals. Understanding graphic design and its role in web development help the graphic designer achieve impressive success online.

This course will give you the ability to decide how websites look, making choices about layout, fonts, and graphics to create usable and aesthetically pleasing websites.

4.     Animation & VFX

Animation Film Design and VFX is a creative medium through which narratives are communicated to the audience through graphics. This course is for creative minds, it focuses on developing creativity in students through the study of design, light & shade, and perspectives. It also concentrates on various techniques and design for animation. The Animation Film Design course also includes concept art, character designing, scriptwriting, visual scripting and creating animatic storyboards.

The Animation Film Design course will help you to learn the fundamental techniques of pre-production design, visualization, Character Design & Development, Animatics, Animation Scene Planning and 2D Animation.

This course equips the students to create Short Films, Animated Graphics, Motion Graphics, Special Effects, Video Games, Cartoons, Stunts, Set Design, Storytelling through visual media, Pre-production and Post-production design process. Students learn to explore the 2D and the 3D world of reality and fantasy.

If you seek a creative job in the animation field or advertising can consider the Animation and VFX programme. These programmes enable you to express your creativity through animation, graphics and other visual tools. It also offers great job opportunities in different fields of entertainment and technology.

The programme covers various aspects of animation, graphics designing, cartoons, visual effects, games, etc., where you will learn to apply different tools and methods to create animated visuals and high-quality graphics for television shows, movies, games and more. These courses are also required in the technical field to design graphics for websites.

Bottom Line

Here’s all you need to know about the basic and major Graphic Design Certification Courses, you must ensure that you enroll only with the best institute. Visit Arena Park street, who provides the best Graphics Designing Course in Kolkata. You can also contact our guidance counselor regarding the course structure, curriculum and the future prospects of graphic designing.