Learning Web Designing Course for Beginners

Are you tech enthusiastic, but couldn’t figure out where to start your career? Don’t worry. There are many job-oriented courses available to you from designing to development to digital marketing. That’s where web designing certification courses come in. It’s often a great place to dive in if you’re new to this entire scenario.

Web designing is one of the most creative fields in the IT industry. It offers a variety of career options and professional growth based on each person’s creativity, talent and hard work. Web designing is a process of making websites attractive and easy to use with the aid of visual effects. Web designers focus on improving user experience, using colours and graphics that have their own interest. But web designing is not just about pretty graphics or colour schemes; it’s also a complex process that involves coding, search engine optimization techniques and website usability. Web designing has a wide scope and versatile career opportunities in this technological era.

Web design is rapidly changing and has undergone a massive evolution. Initially, websites were just large blocks of text with minimum use of photographs. It wasn’t until the mid-1990s that “designers” began to see the potential of what websites could be. New techniques and technologies are constantly emerging, and as a web designer, you have to be constantly learning to keep up.

The function, interface, user experience of a product are core components of web design. And the latest technological tools have also advanced to allow for greater complexity. As a result, the range of subjects, skills, and careers within web design has expanded.

How to Choose the Right Web Design Certification Course?

Web design is very important for a business to grow. Adobe’s State of Create reports, 46 per cent of people “will not purchase from a brand if its website or mobile experience is poorly designed.” So, how can you learn to create stunning websites and start your dream career? The answer is to join web designing institutions.

Arena Park Street, one of the best web designing training institute in Kolkata, can help you train in basic web design layout, responsive design to many complex terms like hierarchy, UX, UI to wireframing.

If you are a beginner in tech and looking for web designing training in Kolkata, then Arena Park Street is the best pick. Arena Animation is a pioneer in the animation & design training space since 1998 and has excelled in quality education resulting in thousands of Alumni who are placed in almost all leading Animation, Design, & Media companies in India. With Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) certification, we are one of the top leaders in the Animation, VFX, Gaming, Graphics Design, & Web Designing Course in Kolkata.

What Qualifications Are Needed to Be a Web Designer?

In web design, traditional qualifications like university degrees don’t carry as much weight as in other industries. It is a rapidly changing industry, so a graduate degree doesn’t mean you are a great web designer today. Instead, web designers are typically judged by their catalogue of recent work showcased through their portfolio site.

Well, if you need web designing certification, then you can join short term or diploma courses. Typically, in every web designing training institute in Kolkata, candidates who have cleared their 10+2 from any stream (Science/Commerce/Arts) can pursue a Web Design course.

Tech Skills To Know For A Beginner Web Designer

First, let’s discuss the technical skills of becoming a web designer.

  1. Master Basic Rules Of Visual Design
    It is obvious that you need design knowledge to be a web designer, but what exactly does visual design mean? Well, web design is actually a subset of visual design. At Arena Animation’s web design certification program you will learn visual design – the fundamental design principles you need to be a web designer. Design principles are what determine the look and feel of a website. They can range from typography, proportions, grid systems and colour combination.
  2. Master Basic Knowledge Of Interaction Design
    The interaction design or the UX (User Experience), is how people feel when they use a website. UX is all about approaching your design from a user-first perspective. With the stronghold in UX, you can design a website that helps them get exactly what they need.In Arena animation, you will learn how to research your users and create personas with the best Web Designing Course in Kolkata. You will learn how to figure out the path users take on the website and learn to build wireframes to sketch out the key parts of each webpage. All of these elements are essential to practicing user experience design.
  3. Master Designing Software
    Designing a stunning website can be done right in a web browser, tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are ones that almost all web designers use during their project like creating mock-ups, designing logos and graphics, and of course, modifying and enhancing images.
  4. Understand Basic Coding Language
    HTML stands for Hyper-text Markup Language is the standard markup language and a very foundation of how you can create a website. It is one of the most important courses and the first things you learn to be a web designer. HTML is the coding language used to put content on a web page and give it structure. In other words, it is how you turn a bunch of text into headlines, paragraphs, and footers and insert photos, videos, and graphics on a website.Along with HTML, you need to understand CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a code that tells browsers how to format and style HTML for a web page. In simple terms, it makes all the text and other content look aesthetic. With CSS, you can adjust the colours, change the fonts, or add a stunning background and so much more. This is where your eye for design really shines and how you can put your creative stamp on every site you create.If you want to start learning web design, HTML & CSS are great skills to start with. Arena Animation Park Street provides the most comprehensive web designing program where you can master the skills and keep up with the fast-growing and dynamic web design industry.
  5. JavaScript
    While you can code up your designs using just HTML and CSS, if you can also program using JavaScript, you’ll have a huge leg up against the competition. JavaScript is a fundamental set of web development techniques and elements of a website. It is not a single technology, but a group of technologies that interact with HTML and CSS in combination to mark up and style information in order to create the layers of web design. JavaScript allows you to take static elements on your site and make them interactive. For instance, websites look different when you are logged in, image sliders, and more.