WordPress is a platform on which you can make blogs and websites. Most people know that WordPress is mainly used to write blogs, but no matter how big or small, it is an ideal place to make a website. We know that for making a website, we need to do some coding, which we usually do using HTML5 & CSS3 or Bootstrap. But in WordPress, we don’t need to do any coding to make a website. Now you might be wondering, how is that possible? Right? Let me describe it.

The main reasons why people use WordPress to make websites these days are:

  1. No coding needed, only drag & drop.
  2. Makes the website attractive with less effort.
  3. SEO friendly.
  4. Free website.


No coding required  

  • Can make website without coding.
  • To place an image/ button, just select the required widget and place it in the page.

Makes website attractive with less effort

    • WordPress have two main ingredients: Themes & Plug ins
    • Themes makes the website very attractive and catchy.
      • Provides readymade layout for website.
      • It is used to modify the designs of the website.
      • Variety of themes available inside WordPress.
    • Plug ins adds essence to the website.
      • They are like apps that we use in our smart phones.
      • It helps to add features and functions to make it attractive.
      • There are many plug ins available in the WordPress.

Seo Friendsly

SEO friendly

  • It is SEO friendly.
  • Easy meta data handling.
  • Adding meta data uplifts the website rank.
  • There are plug ins which are made for SEO.

Free website

    • It allows you to make website free of cost.
    • Helps in earning money through blogs & websites.
    • It is a safe & secure platform.
    • Some drawbacks:
      • It comes with copyright.
      • Pro versions can’t be used without paying.


According to the research, big companies like Sony Music, BBC America, The Walt Disney Companies use WordPress to make their website, because it makes their work easy and time-consuming and also makes their website unique and people get attracted to their website too.

So, if you are thinking of making your own website for your business, go and make one in WordPress, you will like it. Thank you for reading my blog, I will come up with more blogs. Till then follow me on the links given below:

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