The advancement in technology has improved how video editing has been done so far. To meet the new standards and requirements of the audience, video creators have started coming out with new things. Right from using a template to focusing on camera motions, colours and light- there is no stone unturned to create a professional-level video.

So, when it comes to meeting the viewers’ demand in the market, creators are using the latest video editing trends which are discussed below in brief –

  • Live Video Streaming:

    Social media platform and YouTube is now flooding with videos. In addition to that, live streaming videos have improved customer engagement drastically. It has been found that live videos are more captivating for viewers compared to recorded ones. In such video presentations, the viewers can interact with the presenter, which in turn grows engagement.

  • 4k Videos are Getting the Hit:

    With the popularity of 4k video, makers are now more inclined to use advanced images to make the best quality videos. Upon using the latest video tools like Final Cut Pro X, Pinnacle Studio, Power Director and more so, the creators are now able to give a super quality view. Apart from the high-definition viewing experience, 4k videos are able to maintain colour and vibrancy. As a result, it can surely create some compelling content for marketers and influencers.

  • The Videos Must be Storytellers:

    With the story feature across social media platforms, passing a message or awareness has got easy nowadays. This story feature allows the users to include animation besides making the story appealing. There are a number of online video editor apps to create animated videos according to your requirement. This storytelling format with videos is the win-win option, as it will get you to viewers’ hearts while prompting them for some emotional response.

  • Optimised Video for Mobile:

    People are more into watching videos on their gadgets. Hence video creators should ensure that the videos are optimised to view properly across the screens of tablet, mobile and other hand-held devices.

  • Motion Graphics Template:

    Motion graphics are used in videos to make them appealing as well as informative. For example, trendy infographics and typography videos are made from motion graphics Though motion graphics can be created from the scratch, there is a massive library to download and customise the designs. However, motion graphic designs are found in two broad categories known as templates and plugins. Motion graphic templates provide a pre-animated video, in which you can customise colours, messages and media. Depending on the video editing software you are using, you can edit the template projects accordingly. For example, you can access every layer and keyframe with an after effect template, where you can pull the templates apart and put them back together.

  • Mobile Video Editing:

    It is an emerging video editing trend that allows video editors to perform edits on their mobile devices. So, if you have a powerful smartphone with the accessibility of editing programs, then it becomes easy to edit the videos on the go. Mobile video editing is making things easier for people who are trying to edit videos for the first time without getting into the details of the editing software on the PC. For professionals, the mobile editing software can streamline the editing process and maximise their productivity without spending hours in front of the workstation.

  • Live Video Editing:

    You can use trending features using live video editing platforms, where the videos can be captured in different positions and at different angles. Later, you can air and edit the videos in real-time.

  • Explainer Videos are On the Rise:

    Whether it is a brand that wants to promote its products and services or someone who wants to raise awareness- explainer videos are a safe bet to pass on any information. Right from a review about a restaurant to how to play a game- the explainer videos are wonderful options to create informative content. Moreover, the length of the explainer videos is quite short, which makes them easy to share.

  • Transcribing the Video Content:

    Video marketers are following this trend to make their video SEO optimised. A well-written video transcript let the search engines detect the keywords and show relevant information to the people who are looking for video content just like yours. Moreover, you can add links to the videos or use some features provided by the video editing software to make things more presentable and captivating.

  • Transitions:

    To make your video stand out and look professional, developers of video software are adding various effects to the programs. Transitions like cut, dissolve, fade to/fade from black, light flash, particle wipes, whip pan and Luma fade are some basic effects that you should use in the right context.

  • Animation:

    Those days are gone, when you had to sit in front of the cameras and tell a story to pass the message. Things are getting advanced with the inclusion of animation. It is nothing but a simple graphics slideshow that will tell your story in a completely different way. Since humans are good at recalling what they see than what they hear, video creators are more into using motion graphics to stimulate visual content.


So these were the things you can do with your video, but there are a few more things you can do to stay rooted in the competitive video making industry. With a lot of technological innovations, you can add an edge to the entire video making work. It impacts how you work and how fast you can put things together. Here are a few technologies that are driving the transformation –

  • Drone cameras:

    The film business faced a game-changing turn with the use of drones. To capture amazing footage and photos, filmmakers across the world are using autonomous drones, which no more requires a camera operator to capture the shots from the helicopter. Even if the drones come in small sizes, they are capable enough to shoot high-quality videos to project in a theatre.

Just by simply flying this gadget, one can capture one or more viewpoints from various locations. Moreover, drones take clear shots than average individuals.

  • Algorithmic Video Editing:

    It is a process, where the video editing is done according to a plan or schema. In this method, video material is reassembled and chopped according to a blueprint determined by the software. As a result, different organizations have been experimenting with automated algorithmic editing so far.

Disney has created a multi-camera editing algorithm that uses different variables to determine the edit points. The editing software in their project estimates the 3D motion of each camera. As a result, the software can determine where and when to make a cut to another camera. The algorithm is also capable enough to determine which camera has the best view of the subject and switch to it accordingly. So, it not only offers timely but smart cuts.

  • 3D printing:

    The use of 3D technology is increasing day by day, which produce realistic props, costumes and other pieces for the movies. In the Marvel blockbuster, 3D printing was also used. The second movie in the Marvel series features Thor, the god of thunder, who is equipped with a hammer and he is one who can only lift its weight. Technically, the hammer was printed using the polymer powders on the printer and the binder jetting process that allowed a good detailing of the hammer on the screen.

While capping off here, we must know that we are entering an age where the records and edits will take place simultaneously. In near future, the complex features will become more available to allow seamless video transitions, and this is all about ensuring the audience doesn’t notice the cuts between the shots. Hence, it is expected to see a boom in the video editing industry.


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