It could seem like graphic design and web design are essentially the same job. Whatever the case, there are a few significant differences between the work of a graphic designer and that of a web designer. These disparities matter for those looking to hire fashion designers as well as those looking to get into the industry. Let’s look into what each type of labour entails.

The internet is a huge platform with various content on a wide range of subjects. Some consumers find visual content more appealing than other types of written content. Target clients are attracted to visual material thanks to the art of graphic design. On all online and offline media, graphic designers’ images and videos are employed to convey thoughts or ideas. A graphic design career can be viewed as a combination of art and technology. You will frequently find positions or placement aid advertised in a range of industries, such as healthcare, marketing, publishing, advertising, and digital communications as you start looking into graphic design courses in Kolkata.

A degree in graphic design from the top graphic design school in Kolkata carries great weight, much like any other degree in programming. After completing your graphic design training, you can try out the jobs on this list.

1. Photo Editor

Photo editors work for every major publication, magazine, or company. Photo editors’ primary responsibility is to edit, colour-correct, and integrate pertinent photographs to tell a story visually. With the development of memes on social media, image modification has gained a lot of popularity. A magazine or brand’s photo editors may also be required to change product photos or clothing colours. A comprehensive understanding of Photoshop is a prerequisite for any photo editing position. Almost everything is covered in a graphic designing course in Kolkata. Many employers like hiring aspiring photo editors only from the Graphic Designing discipline.

2. Logo Designer

The logo of any business or brand conveys the core values of that entity or that positioning. A logo is an artistic representation of the business or brand. A unique brand logo piques the interest of consumers. Each logo is the result of the laborious efforts of logo designers who strive to make the brand or product visually appealing. No logos appear at random. Any logo designer must thoroughly examine the company or product, its target market, and what distinctive symbol may leave a lasting impression on its audience. Every organization often seeks to hire graphic designers from the top graphic design schools in Kolkata who can significantly enhance their brand. A graphic design bachelor’s degree or diploma is a guarantee. Under a strong confidentiality agreement, logo designers can even work as independent consultants for many organizations at once. A logo designer should be imaginative, considerate, and have a solid understanding of current market demands.

3. Multimedia Designer

Any school that provides a graphic design program with work placement will also recommend a rewarding career as a multimedia designer. Using computerized animation tools, multimedia designers create animated films and graphics. Recruitment for multimedia designers is conducted by several production houses in the Indian and international film industries. These designers are helpful, especially when creating sets using only your creativity. Intriguing career opportunities are also available for multimedia designers in industries like television and video game creation. They create the graphics for the characters, objects, and backdrops. To succeed in this industry, you’ll need a degree in graphic design along with expertise in CAD software and video production.

4. Publication Designer

This is appropriate for you if you have been seeking for offline work after completing the best graphic design course in Kolkata. The layout and visual elements of printed announcements, booklets, or reports are created by a publishing designer. The addition of visuals to annual reports, catalogues, and research papers is done by hiring permanent or freelance publishing designers. The primary minds behind books and novel covers are publication designers. You need a creative imagination to turn your ideas into pictures if you want to land a job as a publication designer. For this line of work, having a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or print design is also helpful.

5. Advertising Designer

A entire team of marketing and advertising experts is required to help a brand, business, or product reach its target market. This enormous work is carried out by advertising designers. Based on sketches and graphic designs, an advertising designer produces the brand’s or product’s market image. Buyers must be compelled to purchase the visual material when it ultimately reaches the audience. A solid understanding of the market and the needs of the target audience are prerequisites for a career in advertising design. For these positions, most businesses hire recent graduates in graphic design.

6. Art Director

The execution, concept design, and vision make up any creative team. An art director is a person or thing that unites these three teams. The main point of contact for all of these teams is an art director. Art directors are employed by almost all creative businesses, including television, publishing, fashion, and advertising, to handle the production of any item. The director works for the business either directly or as a freelancer. Customer service, marketing, production, and financing are all carefully coordinated by an art director. Therefore, whoever is hired for this position must be well-versed in the product or service, consumer wants, and current market trends.

7. Product Developer

A graphic designer may play a variety of roles in the production of goods. A graphic designer contributes to the broad field of product development by creating product pictures as well as serving in managerial or leadership roles. Thorough market research, creating graphics, and presenting products to stakeholders are the main requirements for a position in this field.

The creation of banners and adverts, as well as digital marketing, are additional job categories in the product development industry. The answer to the question “what are the requirements for a job like this?” depends on your particular job responsibility. For instance, in addition to your degree in graphic design, a job in advertising would demand that you be familiar with Photoshop and CAD.