How Can I Start To Learn Game Development?

There is a gamer in all of us –  whether you play on your smartphone, a computer, or a gaming console. Every finest gamer who is fond of coding dreams of creating their own video game. It is an ideal profession for those who are imaginative and want to build a career around their passion for games.

The gaming industry in India is enormously growing and no sign of slowing down. In the year 2020 India tops in mobile game downloads worldwide, with 7.3 billion downloads India holds 17% of the worldwide market share.

It is a unique industry where you create a virtual platform for gamers to play with your flair of creativity. So if you want to know how you can start learning game development, then this article is a must-read for you. In this blog, you will know the fundamentals and concepts of game development courses and other resources that will help you fulfil your dream of being a game developer.


What is Game Development?

Game development is an art, it is a process of creating a video game. Developing a video game is not as simple as playing one. It is a process of bringing the game to life, which includes, coding, engineering, sound effects, game developing software, rendering, testing and processes for getting the required video game up and running. The game development course will specialize you in developing and programming a video game.

Game development requires creative thinking, coding knowledge, and problem-solving skills. There are many elements for creating an interactive video game. Components such as game story, art, character, audio, lighting and more combined to create a whole new world of gaming.


Components In Game Development

A game developer is mostly seen working in teams producing ideas for a game. There are many different components in setting up a game like creating a story, outlining the game design, sound effects, and many others. So if you want to get started to learn game development, it is best for you to understand the various components.

1. Game World

Game World allows the player to feel like they are living the game world while playing the game. This component makes the gamer feel like they are the real part of the game. Developers who are responsible for designing the game world are entitled to have job titles such as environmental developers, world designers, online game designers, multi-player designers, creative directors and concept artists.

2. Game storyline

Developers who work in this area are typically called mission designers and level designers. They are involved in creating the narrative, plotline, storyline, developing characters, and making choices about dramatic events in gameplay. The level designers are imaginative, creative and are great in storylines that will engage the gamer and keep them interested.

3. Characters

This is one of the major segments of game development. They concentrate on character development or personality in gameplay. There are five main job titles including character rigger, character artist, animator, combat system designer and motion capture artist.

4. Audio

The most important component of game development is the audio effects. A good sound effect enhances the feel of the game and influences the gamer in the right frame of mind to play. The developer who associates with audio effects in game development is entitled to a job title as a sound designer or an audio engineer. The sound designer is responsible for recording and creating music that syncs with the animation of gameplay.

5. Visual Content

A game with high-end visual graphics attracts gamers to play the game. Visual content also enhances the entire gaming experience. It is an incredibly important part of game design. Visual content in video games includes game lighting, game texture, 3D modelling of character, creating fire, snow, fog, lighting effects, etc.

6. Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is done by game testers also known as design analysts, beta game testers, video game testers and software quality assurance engineers. They are responsible for discovering the defects, glitches or bugs in the video game.


How to Start Learning Game Development?

In the previous section, you have understood the major components that are involved in game development. Here are a few fundamentals on how to start learning game development.

1. Learn Programming Language

Video games are created using computer programming languages. The first step to learn game development is to master programming languages like C++, Java, Python, etc. Well, there is no specific programming language that is particularly used for game development. However, C++ is the most popular and most commonly used in game development. For instance, some of the popular games developed with C++ are World of Warcraft, King Quest, Counter-Strike, etc.

Note: If you are a novice, you can join one of the leading institutions – the Arena Animations, to get a basic understanding of programming languages.

2. Game Engine.

Game Engine plays a crucial role in game development. It helps the game developer to create scenes, graphics, 2D and 3D graphics rendering, sound, characters, scripting animation and more. In other words, the game engine can be described as a set of game development software or API’s to optimize the video game. Game developers use game engines to create video games for smartphones, computers and gaming consoles.

3. Develop A Simple Game

After learning programming languages and having some idea of the game engine, now it’s time to create a basic game. Always start with small ideas, even if you wish to create a masterpiece. Try to finish the project in a short period and understand the basics.

4. Game Design Patterns

This is nothing but a collection of design patterns in a game that is especially useful to make code easier to understand, clearer and faster. In simple terms, game design patterns are templates for creating modular code that can be used repeatedly in gameplay.

5. Learn 3D Graphics

It is impossible to develop a video game without graphics. 2D graphics were quite popular in the mid-’90s. Today, most popular games feature high-end graphics and 3D graphics. If you want to become a better game developer you should understand the math behind it. The most common mathematics required for 3D graphics is Linear Algebra which deals with linear vectors, matrics, equations and more.


Final Thoughts

The world of video games is thrilling, intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable. The one who makes a game visually so fascinating is the skilled game programmer. He is responsible for creating the best graphics and sound effects that bring imagination to life.

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