A competent animator must have natural creativity and artistic abilities, but becoming a professional animator may necessitate the proper sort of education from the right institute. The Indian animation and visual effects sector has made a name for itself internationally, and the need for homegrown talent has resulted in the establishment of various animation colleges around the nation. Students interested in pursuing a career in animation may become confused in the labyrinth of animation institutions and training centres. It’s critical to ensure that the institution you pick provides a good education system. Learning the art of animation entails far more than just getting a decent job after college.

Understanding Animation

Animation is a digital art form that involves bringing still photos, elements, drawings, and 2D/ 3D produced models to life that can be applied to any media industry. Every animator is an artist; but, instead of paintbrushes and canvas, they use a keyboard and mouse to create the characters we see on screen in a visual tale. They take the director’s vision and turn it into a reality by bringing characters to life. Animation characters are divided into two categories: 2D and 3D. Either of these models is created using separate software and has distinct skillsets.

Animation In India

Professional courses in animation and multimedia are becoming increasingly popular in India. The art or science of making animated visuals with graphic design is known as animation or computer animation. Presently, computer animation is widely employed in a variety of fields, including movies, television, video games, and even industrial machinery.

Animation In Kolkata

Anyone interested in learning animation should have a thorough understanding of the subject. Since it is now more than a course; it is a hallmark of modern art. Several factors must come together to create a wonderful piece of animation, from planning artistic abilities to making realistic movements to using software- animation is a matter of deep understanding. Fortunately, several tips and tactics may help you improve your animation skills. Leading colleges with competent faculty are here to help you turn your hobby into a lucrative career. We’ve compiled the most up-to-date information for all of your questions about animation programs in Kolkata.

Choosing The Best Animation Institute in Kolkata

Annually, a group of students, idle teenagers, and enthusiastic artists hunt for the top animation schools in their area. However, the variety of alternatives available to individuals frequently confuses them. It’s reasonable to be concerned about your future employment. Relax, however! Amazing things take time to achieve.

When choosing an animation institution, keep the following factors in consideration:

1. Course Content

Students seeking a fast track into the animation profession are sometimes attracted to “short-term” programs that purport to educate the intricacies of animation in a matter of weeks. Make certain that the institution you chose has a high-quality curriculum that covers all elements of animation. Learning about animation software is not the same as getting an animation degree. Nevertheless, make sure that the institute covers the basic tools and software that animators need. Apart from teaching diverse technologies, reputable animation institutes must teach traditional animation techniques including storytelling, life drawing, storyboarding, and character design on paper. You should thus pursue a full-fledged animation degree rather than a few-week crash course that promises you a lucrative career. Inquire about the teaching techniques and assessment procedures as well.

At Arena animations, Park Street, we offer you the best of programs customized to your requirements, not only in Animation, Graphics and VFX, but we have also introduced accredited programs in video game creation. Call us today to know the most suitable programs for you. Our in house counselors are here to guide you.

2. Faculty

Consider if your instructors are qualified and experienced enough to guide and educate you over the following years. The top surgeons teach surgical methods to medical students in medical school. The animation industry is no exception. You should learn from the best, ideally from individuals who have worked in the business. We strongly advise you to avoid animation institutions run by faculty who are either incompetent animators who have been unable to find work elsewhere or, more concerning, students who have just “graduated” from these institutions following a four to the six-month course! Thus, while deciding on an institution, be sure to verify the credentials and background of the teachers. According to a poll of 72,000 people performed by AnimationMentor.com, an online animation school, the key consideration for choosing an animation course is “professional animators as mentors and instructors.”

Arena Animations, Park Street offers the best faculty-student ratio which is only eight students per faculty; it’s unmatched in the industry. We provide you with state-of-the-art hardware and software to impart practical skills to our students. We have a flexible schedule to plan your studies around your work, family and other commitments. At Arena, park Street, you get to learn from mentors who have worked on well-known games and animation projects.

3. Infrastructure

You should tour the campuses of your chosen animation institutions to get an idea of the quality of their facilities – computer laboratories, libraries, and classrooms. Determine whether the institute offers internships or workshops with animation studios or film production companies.

Our mentors at Arena Animations, Park Street, offer you practical, modular skills that are in demand by employers. All of our students receive national-level placement assistance, which aims to put them in the best organizations across India.

4. Past Record

Reputable institutions provide a broad and balanced curriculum. Certificate and degree programmes in visual arts, graphic design, animation studies and game designing are available at prestigious institutions. Nevertheless, their previous record should be reviewed – speak with students at the institute where you want to study to gain direct opinion on the institute’s facilities and teaching quality.

In the last 23 years, Arena Multimedia at Park Street has trained over 5000 students, and our alumni include incredibly successful professionals and freelancers in India’s Animation, Multimedia, VFX, and Web Design industries. We take our commitments as instructors and career builders incredibly seriously as leaders in the Animation, Games Development, VFX, Graphics, and Web Design training areas. With responsibility, competence, integrity, and high standards, we set the bar for education requirements.

5. Placement

A college’s job placement offerings can have a direct impact on the quality of education it provides. The presence of experienced animators on the faculty may also contribute to the institute’s success in placing pupils. You may learn about the college’s reputation in the animation business by speaking with previous or current students. Try to check if the college’s alumni have good connections in the industry. When you graduate with a degree in animation, having a strong alumni network and industry ties may be quite beneficial. Students choose institutions that provide 100% placement assistance. This protects their career as well as the institute’s credibility.

We help you create a showreel and prepare for interviews at Arena, Park Street, making it simpler for you to find a fantastic job. Since we teach you practical, modular marketable skills related to what top-notch firms seek, our national-level placement service for all of our students works towards getting them placed in the best organisations throughout India.

6. Curriculum and Tools

The curriculum should take precedence, with the necessary tools and software being extensively considered. Animation is such a broad subject that it takes a great deal of skill, accuracy, and perseverance, as well as the appropriate equipment and software.

Area Park Street has cutting-edge gear and software to teach you practical skills. Furthermore, we help our students finance their course expenses through NBFC loans or the West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme.

Kolkata, the Joy City, features many animation schools with world-class facilities. Animation is offered as a diploma degree at St. Xavier’s College. Bachelor’s degree programmes in Animation Studies are available at NSHM Knowledge Campus, George College, and Brainware University. Arena Animation, Park Street is one of Kolkata’s best animation institutions, having Adobe Certified Associate. Arena Animation’s parent firm, Aptech Ltd, provides the ideal platform for students interested in such courses. They also help students get jobs in leading firms in Kolkata and pan India. They have a centralized Placement unit in Mumbai that is responsible for student placement.