15 Sought-After Animation and Motion graphics trends in 2022

Motion drives emotion, which can spice up website design and let your static UI breathe life. Right from in-app animation to full promotional videos, motion graphics is dominating the digital marketing sector today. The animation trends in motion graphics not only make your digital asset look appealing but also make it optimized for search engines.

So, if you are looking for some cool trending animation ideas for your site, this blog could bring you something special. Here, you will explore some popular motion graphics effects that will dominate the screens in 2022.


  • Background Animation: Marketers can create animated brand stories with this motion graphics trend. This is an extraordinary way to show the manufacturing or development process in a fun-filled way. Right from healthcare to financial organizations, restaurants, B2B providers, and E-commerce retailers’ websites- all can have animated backgrounds. People will love an attractive animated background once they enter the site.


  • Animated Logos: It was one of the popular animation trends in the past few years to have animated logos. Motion designers create different types of logo animation with the help of different visual effects. Logo animations include hand-drawn animated logo, hiding & revealing logo, rotating logo, morphing logo, 3D animation logo, and expanding logo.

Since a logo is the first thing someone comes across entering the website, it should reveal the brand personality with a catchy and memorable design. It is a popular trend today to add simple typography or a symbol telling a short story with a few motions and effects.


  • Kinetic Typography: This animation technique is also known as moving text that mixes motion and typography, and it is one of the recent trends that you should look for earlier this year. It looks amazing when a simple text combines the right tone, pace, and typography style to evoke bright emotions and powerful associations with 3D effects.


  • Thin Lines in Animation: This is a motion graphics style that came back in 2022. It uses clear lines, shapes and looks like hand-drawn sketches on a piece of paper. It is an outstanding approach, which allows you to deliver your messages in a more understandable way. In a sophisticated and surreal way, it creates an impression of doodles coming to life. For example, continuous movements of thin lines look like dancing strings, and when paired with some interesting voice-over or script, it can create an outstanding video piece.


  • Seamless Transition: Seamless transition technique in animation is used to add a blur effect to the passage between clips. It ensures a natural and smoother flow to the animation or a video. The website visitors will get a calm and soothing vibe with beautiful imagery.


  • Mix and Match of Styles: It is one of the sought-after animation trends that has come back this year. It allows the mix of 3D, 2D, and stop motion animation to create an animation video in a hybrid style. While covering different aspects of your brand, it can amaze audiences visiting your website.


  • Hover Effects: Are you looking for classic web motion graphics for your online presence? If yes, then you must give hover effects a try, but why is it so popular? Well, ease of implementation and exciting user experience let you achieve an extraordinary result for your website with minimum effort. With a magnetic effect, it turns your website experience into a game having a playful interaction. All you have to do is balance the factors and not overuse them in web design.


  • Animating in Virtual Reality: Due to a high demand in the gaming and entertainment industry, virtual reality has evolved into a mainstream tool to create high-quality and professional media. A lot of animators today are investing in tools like Hololens and Oculus as a part of animation capabilities. Instead of putting effort into 3D models, you should sit right in the middle of the digital environment and create everything to scale.

After animating in VR, animators can seamlessly transfer the scenes and animations to other 3D programs. Though there are several other applications to bring animation to life, the quick and real-time changes in VR let the storytellers work smoothly in the digital space.


  • Morphing and Liquid Motion: Morphing is a frame-by-frame process that takes the animation back to its organic roots. It is a method of breaking down the shapes to a liquid-like appearance, which seamlessly blends the elements in and out. The combination of smooth timing and liquid elements make morphing transitions satisfying for the audience.

Liquid motion is a 2D animation style that provides a sense of serenity and calmness with an illusion of never-ending motion. It allows a seamless transition from one frame to the next to maintain fluidity and hooks the viewers in the videos.


  • Vertical Animated Ads: Vertical video is in high demand due to the increased use of social media and smartphones. As a result, advertisements are following the same pattern to let their content qualify for mobile viewing. According to the studies, 75% of video views come from mobile users and 94% of viewers hold their phone vertically. So, it is not a surprise that animated videos in vertical format reach and engage more smartphone audiences.


  • Restricted Colour Palette: It is a current trend to tell a visual story with a few primary colors. When it comes to creating engaging content, digital illustrations with a few tones can give it a simple and sophisticated look. While revealing the mood and character of the illustration, the use of some limited colors lets the animation shine out with a retro look.


  • Grain: Want to add a more authentic look to the image? Use the Grain tool to create an effect of texture in the vector imagery and bring life into the illustrations. In this animation work, the visuals look more natural and closer to the real-world surfaces and textures.


  • Loading Animation: Did you know 47% of the users expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds? On top of this, average users start losing interest after 4 seconds and they leave the page within 8 seconds. So, now you know that even one second of delay can cause your website visitors to lose their interest. Then how to play the safe bet?

It’s simple, just make their visit worth waiting. Just by using loading animation, you can engage users when your site is taking longer to load. Instead of only describing the cause of delay, demonstrate an animation graphics design that the viewer will enjoy.


  • Double Exposure: It is one of the amazing motion effects that are in use seamlessly in animation work. With this technique, motion artists create an outstanding graphical presentation by adjoining “two different objects” or “people and objects”.


  • Art Animation: Today art images are playing a significant role in animation video making. Especially, the marketing and advertising sectors are using this idea to cut the cost of using human models for their marketing campaigns.


So, these were the animation and motion graphics trends to try based on the objectives you want to achieve. Don’t just blindly follow all the trends. Apply the appropriate method according to the requirement you have for your job role. It can be either the freshest stuff or the combination of old techniques to create some new styles. However, if you want to build your carrier in the animation industry, then knowing the fundamentals, as well as new trends in animation and motion graphics is necessary. Why not join ARENA ANIMATION – PARK STREET to learn cutting-edge technologies from experts in the industry? With Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) certification, Arena is leading the Gaming, VFX, animation, web, and graphics design training gracefully.