For the past few decades, one of the animations that are most frequently utilized in marketing is motion graphics. Motion graphics give traditional marketing videos a certain edge that makes them timeless. Its adaptability to changing trends and appeal to audiences of diverse ages, professions, and viewing preferences, however, increase its effectiveness. Motion graphics have seen significant development in the past two years, as well as this one, which has seen the emergence of fresh trends. What do those trends entail? The most crucial question is: Why should you utilize them? In this post on the trendiest motion graphic trends rumored to take off in 2023, we’ll talk about this and much more.

What Causes Trends In The Field Of Motion Graphics To Change?

Several factors contribute to the shift in trends in the field of animation or motion graphics. Below are a few of the most prevalent and significant ones.

1. Reduced Attention Span

Whether you are aware of it or not, the typical human attention span is rapidly decreasing. Now that there are less than 8 seconds left, it is getting harder and harder to keep the audience interested. To combat this, marketers and animators are developing more original concepts to improve the visual experience, which ultimately results in the emergence of new trends with each passing year.

2. Transition To Minimalism

Animation is transitioning from dramatic images and intricate graphics to simplicity, much like everything else. This is because people are gradually becoming more minimalistic, which is reflected in their viewing behaviors. This is therefore one of the main causes of contemporary motion graphic trends.

3. The Behavior Of The General Public

It’s only normal for an audience to grow weary of hearing the same old material over and over again. A brand needs to create something novel and attention-grabbing to stand out from the competition. Those who do become the trendsetters for future generations, and the cycle repeats itself.

Motion Graphics Trends To Watch In 2023

Let’s look at some motion graphics trends that are predicted to significantly increase in 2023 now that you are aware of what influences the industry’s trends:

1. Minimalist Color Scheme

Nearly all significant companies have modified their logos during the last three decades, going from colorful to simple. The same principle is now being applied to video production, and it’s working wonderfully in terms of marketing. A simple color scheme conveys peace, tranquilly, and purity to the audience. It maintains their interest and guarantees that your message is conveyed as clearly as feasible. A minimalist color scheme is also an excellent click generator since it sticks out on a screen that is overloaded with flashing thumbnails and vibrant colors.

2. Mixing 2D And 3D

Combining various elements of both animations in a single video is what is meant by mixing 2D and 3D. Typically, it’s a two-dimensional area filled with 3D characters or alphabets that move and exist. The audience is fascinated and intrigued by this animation’s originality, which encourages them to watch the entire clip. It provides a fantastic visual experience for your audience, increasing engagement or conversions if coupled with a compelling message.

3. Kinetic Typography

As a form of animation, kinetic typography employs moving text to draw in and hold viewers’ attention. Marketers have long loved the dynamic typography trend, and they will continue to do so in the following year. It is frequently utilized in marketing advertisements where you want to accentuate particular points of your message.

4. Anti-Gravity And Floating

To achieve this effect, 3D items are placed randomly across a three-dimensional space, creating the impression that they are floating in a gravity-free environment. It has recently gained popularity and is incredibly immersive and contemporary. It gives the web design a sophisticated appearance and engages users through interactive settings.

5. Inclusive Visuals

You can reach a global audience of people from all cultures, races, social classes, and geographic places when you post a video online. Creating a connection with your audience in your video is crucial if you want to appeal to such a broad audience. Creating visuals that advocate diversity broadens your audience and has a profound emotional effect. In the upcoming years, this trend will accelerate due to the growing popularity of diversity awareness programs.

6. Vibrant Nostalgia

Since the minimalist revolution in visuals has been so extreme, most viewers frequently long for the simpler times of the old. “Vibrant nostalgia” was invented by animators to address this. It’s a motion graphics design that combines vintage elements like newspaper and magazine designs in contemporary animation, giving it a cool but nostalgic feel. We don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t still be one of the most popular trends in 2023 since it was in 2022.

7. Seamless Transitions

The little things, though they might not seem like a big issue, are what make an animation. One of those little things is a smooth transition. Motion graphics utilization has experienced a sharp increase recently and will continue to do so in the years to come. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a polished appearance?

8. Hyper-Realistic 3D Motion Graphics

Hype realistic 3D is also growing in popularity as CGI technology improves. In addition to the visual impact it will have on viewers, it can be quite useful in developing an accurate architectural picture of a structure. However, you might argue that it has nothing to do with motion graphics. Yes, it does. Realistic animation is a goal for the industry, and those who successfully employ it distinguish out. Imagine your typical motion graphics video’s 3D models and alphabet having the appearance of a feature-length film. Isn’t that incredible? That is the main idea behind hyperrealism. Even if the price is a little higher than with typical animations, the investment is worthwhile. Your whole branding is given a highly refined touch by it. A hyper-realistic video looks fantastic and feels high-end.

9. Stop Motion

Traditionally, stop motion is created in a studio by continuously photographing real objects. But it’s time-consuming and expensive. The good news is that motion graphics can now be used to produce nearly equivalent results. It entails creating 3D objects using sophisticated animation techniques and then altering the movement of those items frame by frame to give them the appearance of stop motion. Since it’s a relatively new and affordable approach, more and more businesses interested in stop-motion are turning to it to reduce their marketing expenditure and speed up the production of content for their audience. You should try it if you enjoy using stop motion in your advertisements.

One of those animations that change over time to reflect the preferences of viewers is motion graphics. Your content must change to reflect these current fads and trends while maintaining the integrity of your brand and key business principles if you want to stay competitive. We’ve compiled the latest motion graphics trends that will rule the future of marketing in this post to make sure you don’t miss out on what’s new. We hope that this article aids in the development of your 2023 video marketing plan.