Too Many Animation Courses Mean Too Much Confusion

Building an animation career is easier today than ever before. Not just because the software is affordable, or at times free, but also because of the overabundance of good animation schools.

But there are one too many choices for you to pick from when it comes to animation institutes. Add to it the dozens of courses, and the choice can be draining.

As a beginner, you get confused about which animation course is the best for you and which institute will land you a great job. With that in mind, we give you the factors to keep in mind when selecting an animation school.

Find Answers About The Animation Institute To Get Rid Of the Confusion!

The first step you should take is to look deep into the track record of the animation institute. Find the answers to these questions:

  • How old is the institute?
  • How many students have they trained till now?
  • Who comes under their alumni?
  • Has the institute won any awards? If yes, then how many and which?

For the last query, ensure that the institute is not showcasing bought awards. If they are, please steer clear of the school. Those are extremely high risk for people hoping to build a solid animation career.

Once that’s out of the way, dive into the management of the institute. This is crucial. The more experienced and educated the management, the better they can teach you. For this, look for answers to:

  • Who is the faculty? This includes mentors, career advisors and teachers.
  • What is their academic background? This should be prestigious.
  • What is their total experience? Practical experience is an advantage.
  • How long have they been working for the institute? More years are better.

The best way to discover answers is to search through the animation institute’s website. A good school will list everything, particularly in their FAQ section. If the site doesn’t have the information, it is not a great choice for any animation course.

By now, you’ll have a clearer picture of the shortlisted institutes. Weed out any who fail to provide a positive and comprehensive answer to any of the above questions.

Further Filter Down To The Best Animation School By Concentrating On Infrastructure 

If the faculty and management are important in an animation institute, the infrastructure is essential. Pay a visit to all the institutes left on your list. Take a look at:

  • Their computer hardware.
  • Their lab infrastructure.

A good school will be one that utilizes high-end, modern computers with projectors in every classroom. The latest camera and video equipment are just as vital. An animation production lab with pen-tablets is a plus. A library well-stocked with international publications and journals is beneficial too.

Any animation institute that fulfils the infrastructure criteria should stay on your list. Remove the rest. Next, please take a look at their fees structure. There should be a justification for the fees they charge.

Do not randomly pick an institute with the lowest program fee. That just means they do not invest in the newest technology needed to teach animation for the modern era. If they offer online payment of fees, even better. It is less effort and more convenient for you.

Do They Help You With Your Animation Career?

The final step you should take when choosing an animation school is browsing through the placement record. 

  • What are the past placements? Here, pay attention to the type and the quality of the placement.
  • Is the institute affiliated with leading brands?
  • Have previous students worked for the best animation studios in India?

There is more to placement than calling companies for interviews. The top animation institutes also prepare you for placement. From building your soft skills to helping you write the resume, from your demo reel to coaching you on the job interview, they take care of every step of the placement process.

Nothing beats reviews and testimonials. We all know that. So, there is one more criterion for evaluating an animation school. Read through student testimonials or speak to the current students. Take their feedback. If it is encouraging, then the institute makes a good choice.

To sum up:

Learning animation is easy. It’s mastering it that requires time and a team of experienced mentors. That is why choosing the right animation course, and school is imperative. Use the factors we’ve listed above to make your choice, and you’ll jumpstart your animation career right away!