For many people, especially those who have grown up surrounded by the video entertainment medium, becoming a video game tester sounds like their ideal career. You can enjoy hours of entertainment as part of your profession while also making money. You can get early access to the newest pre-released games by signing up to be a game tester. Video game enthusiasts would adore this job choice. The demand for video games has an impact on the work of game testers.

Due to the high demand for games, there will be an increase in the need for game testers in the upcoming years.

Job Of A Game Tester

Video game testers are sort of quality assurance specialists. They spend countless hours playing games and send the game developers bug reports. To make sure that games are engaging and enjoyable for the players, they test the user experience. You must look for bugs and issues in the games that could ruin your gaming experience. A tester’s primary duty is to guarantee that every part of the game functions as intended. Before the game is officially released, they must ensure that it is error-free.

Perks of a Profession in Game Testing

Game testers have a varied career paths they can select based on their professional requirements. Developers of video games frequently start as game testers. The ability to view a game as a whole item rather than just a component of a finished product distinguishes game developers with quality assurance experience from others. This enables them to design a game while thinking broadly and concentrating on the integrated object. Gamers with a creative streak may go on to become graphic designers. Using graphic design software, experts focus on the game’s aesthetic when creating it.

Transitioning to a position in quality assurance engineering may be aided by prior experience in the game testing industry. You can simply apply for a project manager or director position on the quality assurance team of a game if you have some experience in game testing. The ability of the game tester to identify problems with the game is a key factor in professional advancement in the field of game testing. Technically knowledgeable testers are more likely to advance in their careers because they can communicate problems to game designers and programmers more effectively. A team of inexperienced testers is usually led and supervised by a lead tester or senior tester who has sufficient experience in the field. If they have the necessary qualifications, testers with 7 to 10 years of professional experience frequently move up to managerial roles.

Who Is Eligible To Be A Game Tester?

A game tester might be anyone who has a passion for playing games. Even with a GED or high school graduation, you can work in this area. The passion for playing video games is very crucial. You have to enjoy discovering new worlds while paying attention to the tiniest aspects. However, due to the lack of jobs, there is fierce rivalry for available positions. A successful job requires strategic thinking and expertise with game testing technologies.

How to Become an Effective Game Tester

Here are a few more pointers to help you stand out from the competition and improve your chances of getting hired as a game tester.

1. Become Technically Aware

You could have an advantage over other applicants if you enroll in a gaming course at Arena Animation. Getting a degree in graphic design or game development can help you advance your professional possibilities even though most employers accept high school grads.

2. Take Part In Open Beta Testing

Many businesses provide game public testing. To develop first-hand expertise in testing video games and writing bug reports, you should take part in the beta testing of the game. Your chances of getting hired as a game tester are better the more game testing experience you have.

3. Become Skilled In Game Testing

Companies that create video games look for candidates that are both skilled and enthusiastic about playing them. By reading blogs and maybe developing your gaming blog, you should become familiar with all the jargon used in gaming. Employers favour people with a wide range of relevant talents who are well-rounded. You should learn everything you can about gaming. You should also work on the following qualities, which are essential for a game tester.

  • Focus – Test games demand concentration. You’ll need to devote at least eight hours a day to playing games while concentrating 100 per cent. When you test games for a while, it can become monotonous. The average game development cycle today is five years. Make sure your mind is set up for a never-ending series of bug-hunting testing sessions.
  • Eye For Details – The ability to pay attention to detail is a crucial trait for game testers. To identify issues in the game, you must have an acute eye. Additionally, you must precisely outline the actions necessary to find the bugs. Nothing should fall through the cracks because every game problem will leave players with a bad impression.
  • Technical writing – During the testing phase of the game, you will write a lot. You will need to let the game-creating team know about the challenges. You must develop your communication abilities for this. You should be able to describe the bugs to the development team in detail.

4. Create a Strong Resume

Building a strong résumé is essential for game testing employment. The abilities that correspond to the demands of the game testing role should be highlighted. Think about looking online for game testing jobs and consider the qualifications needed for the role. To find out what qualifications are needed for the position of a game tester, read the section titled “core abilities necessary.” Before uploading your resume, double-check for errors. Your application could be rejected if there are any grammar or spelling errors. Employers need applicants who pay attention to detail. Your CV will be the first thing a potential employer will review.

5. Search for Full-Time Employment

The majority of game tester positions are contract or part-time positions. Some also call for working remotely. However, full-time positions that are advertised typically demand more professional expertise. You want to hunt for a full-time position testing games at a significant, respected game production company. Companies are legally compelled to provide retirement, medical, and other benefits to their full-time hires. To boost your chances of finding your dream career, you should opt for part-time employment if you are unable to find a permanent position.

6. Know Where To Look For Video Game Testing Jobs

Various websites publish job openings for game testers. Recent game tester openings can be found on employment boards like Indeed, Upwork, Glassdoor, and Gaming Jobs Online, to name a few. To hunt for game tester opportunities, you should also go directly to the websites of gaming companies like Square Enix, EA, and Ubisoft. Finally, you ought to study Jason W. Bay’s book Land a Job as a Video Game Tester. How to apply for a position testing video games is covered in the book. You may get advice on how to get ready for the interview for the role of a game tester in this book.

Other Jobs Associated with Testing Video Games

Additionally, “game testing” experience may lead to additional job opportunities. Here is a list of occupations you can pursue after earning a degree in computer science or a program in game design and development.

  • Video game programming
  • Video game design
  • Software design
  • Software quality assurance
  • Software testing

Testers for quality assurance in video games are increasingly in demand. Small mobile phone game developers also commonly offer game testing positions, so it’s not just the big development studios like Electronic Arts, Sony, or Ubisoft that do it. In the end, you might not want to remain in the position of game testing for a long time. For a successful career in the gaming industry after gaining the necessary expertise as a game tester, you should think about transitioning to a QA management, game programming, graphic designing, or game technical writing role.