A Career In Web Design & Development: The A To Z

The one path guaranteed to give you job security with a great pay cheque is a career in web design & development. Why? Because in this day and age, every company, brand, institute, etc. needs a website. Without it, customers will not find them.

Websites, in a nutshell, are revenue-generating devices for any business. That is why there are so many web design companies that build and maintain websites for others. If not, they have a web designer or developer on staff.For you, it means opting for web design & development training in Kolkata is one of the best career decisions you can make right now.

Academic qualification in web development and design

There are college degrees in web design and development, but short-term certification courses are the better choice. A basic course in website designing can be as short as 7 months. While, a course that teaches you the advanced skills required for web development and design is 15 months. Both are far quicker compared to a 3 or 4-year degree.

In addition, the fee is very affordable, and you can apply immediately after class twelfth, regardless of the stream. Even graduates of any degree can get the certification to become more marketable and job-ready.


Job options in web design & development

There are a variety of jobs you can choose from after a graphics, web design and development course, such as:

Web Designer UI Designer Layout Designer
Flash Animator Web Developer SEO Consultant
Graphic Designer Applications developer UX designer
Multimedia programmer Web Animator Web content manager


As one of the best web design institutes, some of our past placements have been at Brother Desk, Greenthumb Infotech and Linking Earth Tech solution. But web design and development jobs are not limited to companies. You can even become a freelance or start your own design business. But irrespective of where you work, the responsibilities will largely be the same.


What does a web designer do?

Of all the job opportunities available after a web design & development training, the most common and popular are web designer and web developer. A web designer plans a website, page or application and a web developer creates them using a mix of technical knowledge and creativity. It also includes redesigning old sites or pages.

A web designer’s primary objective is to make the site visually appealing and simple to use. As a result, they must consider a host of variables such as design, colours, fonts, images, layouts, and navigability.

Roles and responsibilities of a web designer:

The main responsibility of a web designer is to make a lasting impression on the audience through the site, page or app they create. To achieve it, they may:

  • Design creative and engaging sites.
  • Build site layouts with the right positions of buttons, links, etc.
  • Design responsive landing pages.
  • Ensure the page, site or app is stable.
  • Make sure it works on all devices, phones, tablets, etc.
  • Conduct testing and improve the site.
  • Collaborate with back-end developers.


Salary after web design and development course

The exact salary you get after certification from a web design institute in Kolkata will vary depending on your job role, skill and experience. That being said, here’s what you should expect:

Profile Average Range
Graphic Designer ₹397,962/Year ₹197k – ₹743k
Illustrator ₹323,366/Year ₹212k – ₹510k
Web Designer ₹355,883/Year ₹191k – ₹545k
SEO Specialist ₹339,113/Year ₹175k – ₹575k
Motion Graphics Designer ₹414,432/Year ₹240k ₹636k
Web Developer ₹388,935/Year ₹220k – ₹448k

Skills for a better career in web design and development

There are a range of technical skills that can help you build a lucrative web design and development career:

  • Typography
  • UI and UX design
  • Image editing tools
  • Angular JavaScript
  • Basic 2D animation
  • Coding and programming
  • Basic principles of graphics and design
  • Data analysis to measure site performance
  • Bootstrap: open-source front-end web framework

Besides this technical know-how, your CV should also reflect soft skills such as:

Team player Research work Problem solver
Attentive to detail Time management Good communication
Strong presentation skills Solid team management Excellent project management


A decent certification course, solid technical abilities, and some experience are the three elements to a successful career in web design & development. We can help you with all three, and all it takes is a phone call to start the enrollment process!