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arena animation

Arena Animation offers quick, short-term courses to students & working professionals who wish to sharpen their skills in one or more tools or software.

Learn software used in animation, multimedia, gaming, web designing - and more.

Learn the basics of designing or enhance your skills by learning the latest in-demand software at Arena Animation. If you are new to this field & are looking to learn specific software, along with your studies, you can join our 3-6 month courses & expand your skills.

If you are a professional looking to sharpen your skills, you can apply for a fast-track course with us.

  Course Highlights


Stream Category Course Code Course Name Software & Modules   Hours
Editing/VFX Compositing & Effects OV-579 Visual Effects - After Effects Adobe After Effects 18
OV-567 Visual Effects - Nuke Nuke 48
Audio / Video Editing OV-584 Video Streaming & Editing Adobe Premier 28
OV-569 Working with Audio Adobe Audition 16
OV-585 Audio-Video Editing Adobe Premier/Adobe Audition 44
Web Design Web Design & Graphics OV-582 Web Animation with Flash Adobe Flash 36
OV-583 Web Animation with Interactivity Adobe Flash/Action Scripting 48
OV-559 Web Weaver Adobe Dreamweaver 24
Design Design OV-574 Image Magic Adobe Photoshop 40
Drawing / Design OV-575 Creative Illustrations Adobe Illustrator 20
OV-576 Creating Artworks Coreldraw 20
Graphics & Animation OV-586 Digital Graphics & Animation Adobe Illustrator 216
Adobe Photoshop
3DS Max with V-Ray
Graphics & Illustration Fundamentals
Creating Illustration & Artworks
Image Magic
Modelling with 3D, Lights, Camara & Materials
Print & Publishig OV-577 Media Publishing Adobe InDesign 24
Animation 3D Animation OV-578 Basics Of 3D Animation 3DS Max with V-Ray 104
Modelling with 3D, Lights, Camara & Materials
FX Rendering with V-Ray
OV-571 Advanced 3D Animation Maya 132
CAD Design CAD Design OV-572 CAD AutoCAD 88
OV-573 Digital Arhietecture & Interior Design AutoCAD/3DS Max with V-Ray 200